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Shrinkable film

shrinkable thermoforming pack

Our shrinkable films have a structure composed of 9 layers and are intended for packaging on thermoforming machines designed to work with this type of material.

The bottom films are up to 90 microns thick and are specially designed to thermoform at great depths at low temperatures, thus successfully replacing the classic heat-shrinkable bags.

As with bags, heat-shrinkable films can contain EVOH in their structure or can have a selective barrier and can thus be used to mature cheeses.

Used for

Sausages, fresh meat, specialties, cheeses, fish, in general all products with large volumes that are packed in heat-shrinkable bags and that can be adapted to packaging on thermoforming machines of high productivity.


  • High barrier to gas and water vapor
  • Shrinkage rate of up to 35% for the bottom film and up to 50% for the top film
  • Excellent transparency and gloss
  • UV resistance
  • High puncture resistance


  • Top film’s thickness of 40my and bottom film of 70 or 90 microns
  • PET outer layer
  • EVOH for high barrier films
  • PA layers for puncture resistance
  • Film width: 180-650 mm