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Shrinkable film

flowpack shrinkable film

Our shrinkable multilayer films of this type are specially designed for use on high-speed flow-vac machines.

These films have a high EVOH barrier and contain several layers of nylon to ensure high puncture resistance.

The very good shrink ability ensures a superior presentation of the products thus packaged.

Used for

On special machines for packing cheese, meat specialties with or without bone, fresh meat in large anatomical pieces, etc.


  • High barrier to gas and water vapor
  • High shrinkage rate (up to 50%)
  • Excellent transparency and gloss
  • UV light resistance
  • High puncture resistance


  • Thickness: 45, 75 µm
  • PET outer layer
  • EVOH barrier
  • PA layers for puncture resistance
  • Special polyethylene on the inside to ensure the correct sealing at high packing speeds
  • Available widths: 180-600 mm