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Environmental responsibility

The consolidation of our company's position on the food packaging market is based on the permanent attention paid to the development and use of innovative and sustainable products, with low impact on the environment, which contribute to the transition to a circular economy and the efficient operation of the internal market.

We intend to align our products with Article 9 of the 2019/904 EU Directive on reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment, which states that by 2025 the degree of collection and recycling of plastic packaging should approach 77% of the total produced mass.

In order to actively support the European measures for a "green planet", we have introduced in our development plan, starting with this year, the industrial-scale testing of products with a high degree of recycling.

Our first objective is the introduction of thermoforming films and trays films in industrial tests, other than those from the 7th recycling class.